Super Mario Bros Random 2.01
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Super Mario Bros Random 2.01

Free Super Mario Bros Random try to achieve as little negative lives as possible!
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Super Mario Bros Random is another version of the famous Super Mario Bros game fan versions. It looks like a classic 8-bit colored game of the MS-DOS era. One key word on its title is "Random", exploring this game's levels will indeed drive you mad.

Super Mario Bros Random has several different elements when compared to the usual Mario games. Firstly, things are not always what they appear to be, and secondly what's hidden from the eyes will help you when you need it most.

On some levels, you'll need to develop a strong technique to detect unusual things; always expect what you wouldn't regularly expect. For example, if you think the surface is solid think twice, it may look solid but it might be a deadly quicksand pocket.

Another tip, as you already know - in a typical Mario game you can dive into the green pipes, but don't even dare to rely on that since it won't always be true. Watch out for any kind of strange object on the screen, even some clouds can kill Mario!

One of the hardest levels to overcome is number three. At first a huge blast of light will appear rapidly from right to left covering almost half of the level, and if it touches Mario, it will kill him instantly. If you just jump when you appear on the level you'll see some solid blocks on which you can stand to dodge the blast.

A very curious element of the game is the count of lives. The developers knew it was going to be a pain to play it and they gave the player unlimited lives! Whenever you reach zero and then die, the counter will continue to decrease and reach negative values. Try to see if you can achieve as little negative lives as possible.

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  • Explore a weird world highly different to the other Super Mario games
  • It's music and graphics are very familiar (taken from original Super Mario game)
  • Lives are unlimited


  • There's no menu or options
  • Needs a lot of practice
  • May produce rage


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